Training Guide for Admins:

Common Tasks Include But Not Limited to:                            

Task Name

Priority Level

Input Listing

  •  High – there are deadlines which if exceeded can result in a fine by the board

Market Listing

  •  Med

Respond to Leads (text)

  •  High – ideally done within 15 minutes for best results

Recruit Agents

  •  Low  urgency but of high importance

Compliance Review

  •  Low urgency until the file is closing then High.  Try to keep up on them as they go.  Getting them started upon the contract being accepted is high priority so they at least have a log number.

Run Comps

  • Priority depends on whether we need these to do a listing presentation or if its for making an offer.  Usually this is done immediately if possible.

Update Tenant Cloud

  •  Med – must be done timely

Check Ring Central Voicemail

  • Low – Complete Daily and send out emails to anyone who needs follow up .. if New lead make sure the data is gotten by you first before assigning it to an agent through Sierra

Update Facebook Biz Page and Groups

  • Low – task to be done after High Priority things completed

Schedule Open Houses

  • Timely – doesn’t take long

Manage Social Media Presence

  • Can be done on a regular schedule – shouldn’t take too much time.

Request and update Testimonial

  • Time sensitive – should be done as soon as the file goes under contract. (not waiting til closing ..) stuff goes wrong sometimes at closing and we would rather have the testimonial sooner.

Track Statistics

  • Can be done during slower times

Help Plan and execute Customer Appreciation Events

  • This is only a periodic project (Pies during the holidays, we are going to be planning a 5 year anniversary event along side the release of Top Gun Movie in 2020.  This will take some planning. 

SEO for Web Content and Videos

  • Ongoing .. low urgency

Database Management – inputting all leads into Sierra

  • Urgent – doesn’t take long to do – and quick to forget – so it potentially never gets done  - each lead not entered is a lead lost forever and money lost down the drain


Scraping Data and Creating Lists – and Creating Custom Audiences

  • Medium – this is going to be higher priority at certain times.  Like as we launch Spartan – this will be urgent because until Spartan has business – it has no business and this data is necessary to target acquisition of business.

Help Create, Update and Manage Drip Campaigns

  • Low Project to be done during slower times

Follow Up “autopsy”  - verification that leads were contacted aggressively

  • Low – Can be done during slower times.

Dotloop Document Creation or Modification

  • Depending on Scenario – almost always is HIGH priority

Training Manual Document:  Admin_-_Training_Manual.pdf


We market under multiple domains.  Each website should be updated and checked periodically for broken links adn to add content and freshen it for better conversion.

More details will be forthcoming.  We will probably need to work on this together at first.